About TransWorthy

The explosion of e-commerce has prompted the need for thoroughly objective, cost-effective solutions to logistics and fulfillment problems. Our seasoned veterans from the shipping industry have over 100 years of experience, and we are changing the way in which shippers search for transportation solutions.

TransWorthy provides shipping matrices that offer "best available" answers to shipping questions based on shipper-entered data. Vendors who are able to provide creative and unique solutions that are difficult, or impossible, to find anywhere else will be featured. We use proprietary VQR (Vendor Quality Rating) software that rates vendors on the following parameters: service quality, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, pricing accuracy and other factors, making us the first site with completely unbiased, prescreened carriers that we know our customers can trust.

Because we do not influence the review system whatsoever, whether from our own VQR system or from users, you can be sure that the carriers offered on the site are 100% trustworthy and tailored to your shipping needs.

With our talented team and an exclusive focus on the needs of our consumers and businesses, TransWorthy's mission is to become the Worldwide Shipping Advisor.